Fundraising & Community 

Zumbathon Glow Party 2014

A fun scholarship fundraising event for Cal City High School.

RPU Kid's Class May & October 2013

RPU May 2013 and October 2013 (not a fundraiser) but an exercise class to give students and teachers unique ideas for engaging the students who have no actual PT time with a PT teacher, physical activity. Each time we taught about 180 first graders.

Zumbathon Halloween Party 2013

Halloween Zumbathon 2013, raised $300 for the Eat Kern Cancer Assistance Fund, this money goes directly towards the fun that aims "to assist local and area residents who face financial hardship because of cancer"

Run For Hero 2013

Run For Your Hero 2013-Raised $700 with the help of the community to be sent to the surviving families of the "Hot Shot" Firefighters who died in service July 2013.




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